Database Management Services

Database Management Services (DBMS) assures a 24x7 availability of your database systems. Our database management service manages your database throughout the application lifecycle. Our suite of service include design, development, deployment and management of data-driven application.
Our database management team has the experience and skill set you need to ensure high performance, security and availability of your database environment.

Our database management service include:

Remote DBA Our remote DBA service provides 24x7 managed database administration for companies using Oracle, Informix and Microsoft SQL Server.
Data Migration We assess, plan and execute data migration between different systems such as: moving data from one version of a database to another version, one database to another database, one application to a different application or different version of the same application.
Performance Tuning We can address performance problems of differing complexities and severities to help you overcome performance bottlenecks relating to your database, report and web application.


  • Gain access to a pool of experienced DBA professionals with diverse skill set
  • Enjoy on-demand DBA support and ensure availability of your system
  • Engage a fast, cost-effective, DBA-backed migration service for error-free migration
  • Employ our proven migration methodology to identify and resolve problems quickly
  • One-stop shop for performance enhancement of your database, web application and reports
  • Improve utilization of your IT infrastructure with our performance monitoring and tuning service
  • Get increased responsiveness for your business with high performance application
  • Reduce risk of poor performance